Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blogger ate my homework

My apologies to my global readership for not updating my blog in such a long time. Actually, I tried to update it Sunday . . . um, not last Sunday, but the one before that, only to find that Blogger was down for maintenance. I had spent hours, HOURS I tell you, collecting all these links and composing an incredibly shattering post about Abu Ghraib, but I couldn't post it 'cause it Blogger was down. Honest. So, you'll just have to imagine what I would have said. In the meantime, Josh Marshall and others have said everything I would have said, perhaps even a TAD bit more eloquently than I would have.

Besides, I'm doing this as a volunteer, out of the goodness of my heart. You don't see a paypal button at the top of MY blog, do you? I blog for the good of humanity, with no thought of financial gain. However. I do understand that the top bloggers collecting money for John Kerry will be issued press credentials for the DNC convention. Atrios has apparently raised $75,000.00 for Kerry as of late April. I believe that if I can raise $100,000.00 from my global readership, that will put me in the running. I've done the math, and that comes out to $33,333.33 from each of you. So kindly email me at RoguePlanet@go.com, and I will furnish with an account number into which you can wire the funds. I will then send them to the Kerry campaign (I make no representations as to whether this complies with federal election laws).

Thanx in advance for your support!


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