Friday, June 04, 2004


The incomparable Daily Howler incomparably takes on the nitwit pundit class for its shallow, stupid, lazy response to Gore's speech (read the whole series).

And Salon and Digby have withering critiques of Howell Raines's pathetic Guardian opinion piece, in which Mr. Raines seems to be trying to show he can still run with the little dogs. The little yip dogs.

And go to Altercation and scroll down to read Charles Pierce on Tim Russert.

How can I get one of these high-paying media gigs? I don't know much about economic policy or the Middle East or social security or tax policy but I can sure go on for hours about some politician's hair, suits, demeanor, etc.

The Howler quotes Hannity on Gore:

HANNITY (9/23/02): Hey, Dick.
MORRIS: Hey, Sean. Good evening.
HANNITY: How are you, Dick? One thing that really stood out–first of all, look at Gore. Look at his hair. It’s a mess.
HANNITY: He’s sweating profusely, right? He seems very angry at different points in the speech. He didn’t look presidential. I didn’t see any gravitas, any leadership.

If it's OK for Hannity to make fun of Gore's hair, can I make fun of Hannity's neanderthal brow, beefy neck, and beady eyes?


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