Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bless his heart

While Kerry crams for the next debate, Dubya's handlers have been trotting Dub out in front of invitation-only audiences, where he can bolster his confidence by taunting the absent Kerry and bask in the rapturous applause of his loyal followers. And why not? That strategy - shielding Mr. Bush from challenging questions - has worked so well for him thus far.

Bless Dub's heart, he's so cute when he learns a new phrase. He wants to say it over and over again:
Again and again he repeated what has become a favorite refrain: Kerry "can run but he cannot hide" from his record.

No doubt he smirked happily each time he managed to deliver that line.

Daughter Jenna introduced her daddy:

Bush was introduced at a campaign rally by his daughter Jenna, who read from a prepared statement that delighted the president's audience in Colorado Springs.

"He has brought to our family the same values he's brought to this country: strength, compassion and integrity," she said, as her father stood blinking at her side with a slight smile, his hands clasped before him.

"As her father stood blinking at her side." Yes sir, we all know that look.


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