Monday, March 29, 2004

"In my administration, we will ask not only what is legal but what is right," Bush said. "...Not just what the lawyers allow, but what the public deserves. In my administration, we'll make it clear there is a controlling legal authority of conscience."

Unless of course the question is whether his national security advisor will take a break from talking to the media nonstop long enough to testify under oath in public before the commission charged with investigating 9/11. In that case the admin. has decided to defer to what the lawyers recommend, rather than what the public deserves . . .


Saturday, March 27, 2004

I have returned. Thanks to Acidman and his fans for filling in in my absence!


Friday, March 26, 2004


The Bloodless Cunt ass-raped me in court yesterday. Then when she was finished, her lawyer ass-raped me. Then my own lawyer ass-raped me. Then the Judge ass-raped me. After that the bailiffs ass-raped me, and then the court's administrative staff ass-raped me.

Bejus! What I'm saying is, the system ASS-RAPED Acidman yesterday. They dredged up my blog, my personal writings. How do you explain to some Afro-Amurrican woman judge that you don't look down on all niggers, just the ones that act like niggers? How do you tell the same judge that you don't think all women are Bloodless Cunts, just the ones that trick a man into marrying them and then go out and whore their poontang out to that man's former friend? How do you tell this same Judge that when you posted on your blog that you had a dream about taking your shotgun to the court house and systematically pumping bullets into the deputies and bailiffs and lawyers and jurors and court reporters and, finally, the Judge, and then you fire one coup de grace bullet into the Judge's head, it was really just a dream? Well, you don't. Because as soon as the word "nigger" comes out of your mouth, this same Judge tells you to shut the fuck up and sit down. She tells you to wait your turn. And then you call her a fucking black-robed ball-breaking Afro-American Bloodless Cunt, she has your ass dragged out of the courtroom and shackled and thrown in jail.

The system is rigged. The Bloodless Cunt won a round today, but the war is not over. I don't care if I go down in flames. I'm taking everyone with me. I will not surrender. If I end up not seeing my boy until he turns 18, I'll just wait until then to tell him how much I cared about him, enough to fight the Bloodless Cunt for him, and just hope the BC doesn't totally pussify him with her soccer lessons and shit before I can do this.

And I am NOT getting rid of my got-damn guns because of some fucking court order. I don't care how many got-damn sheriff deputies they send out here.

posted by Acidman


I've been called racist by some who don't like my politically incorrect style. I don't consider myself to be a racist. Yeah, I've written some pretty inflammatory stuff, but that's just how I am. And if I feel something, I have to WRITE it. I'm a WRITER! Got-DAMN! I've got let the words come OUT!

But I ain't no racist. I just tell it the way I see it. And the way I see it is, the word "nigger" wouldn't get bandied around so much if these niggers would quit acting like ignorant got-damn jungle bunnies and get themselves a got-damn job. What these lazy bastards don't understand is, you got to earn respect. It isn't given to you. Don't sit on your got-damn asses all day whining about the white man, get out there and make something of yourselves.

Your riots, your crack-related killings, your drive-bys. These are all the work of niggerss, and no, I'm not ashamed to say it. Go ahead, call me politically incorrect, de-link my ass, persecute me if it makes you feel better, but you can't change the facts. Black people, or whatever they call themselves these days, have been in this country for 300 years. That's more than enough got-damn time for them to figure out the rules and make something of their race.

No, I'm not a racist. I don't call all black people niggers. Once, I sat beside an Afro-American at a Kerr-McGee company picnic. Sometimes I would stop and josh with the black women who worked in the records department at Kerr-McGee. Those black women liked me - they thought it was funny when I called them "Brown Sugar." They would just laugh. THEY got the joke, unlike all these librul uptight snot-rag do-gooder language police.

Call me racist, if it makes you feel better. I know in my heart I'm not a racist. All I'm saying is, you got your black people who act like savages, and those are the ones I'm referring to when I say the N-word, and you got a few decent black people, and the decent have got to ride herd on the got-damn savages. That's all I'm saying.

posted by Acidman

Acidman, you rock! I agree 100% with what you say, if these got-damn niggers keep acting like niggers, we get to keep calling them niggers! I can't wait to see what your trolls are going to say now!

posted by Ga-Ne-Sha

Acidman, God, that was so beautiful. I've never read anything more heartfelt or moving. Tears are staining my cheeks and dripping down on my keyboard. I love you, Acidman! Don't ever stop blogging!

posted by Heather Dawn


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm going to be busy for a couple days, so I've given my blog keys to that great humanitarian, acidman, and asked him and his commentors to guest post here. Stay tuned.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Welcome to all my Christian fans. ;)

Satan has pulled off a journalistic coup; he has interviews with both Bush and Kerry on his blog. Unlike the blow-dried talking heads on CNN, Satan actually presses the candidates on substantive issues, including Kerry's coffee drinking habits. Go read these revealing interviews now. (Newcomers to Satan's blog should be aware that you must scroll down past the post from the future to get to recent posts)


Thursday, March 18, 2004

The quote at the top of the page is from Barfly, one of my favorite movies. I used to drink bourbon with my dad and watch it. I guess that was as close to bonding as we ever got.

Then I turned 12, and we drifted apart . . .


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Check out this spectacular train wreck of a personal blog. I never heard of it until a week or so ago, when Oliver Willis denounced it for a virulently racist and idiotic post. Unfortunately, I followed the link and now I can't look away.

Enjoy . . .


Monday, March 15, 2004

'Member how the GOP was SHOCKED and APPALLED at allegations Al Gore made fundraising phone calls from his White House offices? Well . . .

"Administration sources tell TIME that employees at the Department of Homeland Security have been asked to keep their eyes open for opportunities to pose the President in settings that might highlight the Administration's efforts to make the nation safer. The goal, they are being told, is to provide Bush with one homeland-security photo-op a month. "

(Courtesy Pandagon.)


Sunday, March 14, 2004

"When you awaken, you will forget I ever uttered the phrase 'immediate threat'" . . .


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

These are cool . . .

Hey, cool - one of my favorite places has a website.

It's a great place to get a bacon and egg sandwich on a Sunday morning in the summer when you're slightly hung over . . . I'm told.


Monday, March 08, 2004


Some people say Cheney is, increasingly, a liability to Bush, and rumor has it Bush may dump Cheney and replace him with someone seen to be more palatable.

But who would get the unenviable task of telling the fearsome Cheney he's off the ticket? I would submit that only one man is up to the job: Cheney.

[Cheney descends into the bowels of an underground bunker. He passes through a series of steel doors which clang shut behind him, until he finally enters the innermost lair of Cheney. ]

Cheney: Dick.

Cheney: Rrrraaaaaarrrrrgh.

Cheney: Dick, Rove and Hughes and me and the rest of the boys have been talking, and we all agree: You're a drag on the ticket, Dick. You've got to step down.


Cheney: Goddamn it, Dick, you know it's true. You've got no goddamn charisma. You scare people.

Cheney: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHH! [picks up jar containing human heart suspended in fluid, hurls it at Cheney, who ducks just in time. Jar shatters against steel door.]

Cheney: Now goddamn it, Dick, be a goddamn man about it. And put down that liver. You know how hard it is to get a hold of those things.

Cheney: GAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGHH!! [hurls jar with liver; it smashes against steel wall]

Cheney: Don't make me use the goddamn cattle prod, Dick.

Pray for Satan.

He was admitted to the hospital with gallstone-induced pancreatitis. Not to be confused with the MUCH more common tequila-induced pancreatitis.

Perhaps a calico cat crossed his path . . .


Friday, March 05, 2004

The Lies and Slander of BEZ has been updated, for those who have been following my campaign to restore decency and civility to public discourse.

Since Calpundit no longer does Friday catblogging . . .

Yes, I know it's hokey. ;)


Thursday, March 04, 2004

"OK, y'all win " . . . "No, Y'ALL win!"

Welcome, Canadians. ;)

Yoo hoo, Mr. du Toit . . . here's a job for you:

Republican Congressman Tom Cole claims a vote against the re-election of President Bush is like supporting Adolph Hitler during World War Two. It's what he said recently before a meeting of Canadian County Republicans.

U-S Representative Tom Cole might have stirred up Democrats by saying a vote against the re-election of President Bush is like supporting Adolph Hitler during World War Two. Or supporting Osama bin Laden now. "If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election," Cole is quoted in this week's edition of the Yukon Review which covered the recent meeting of the Canadinan County Republicans where Cole was a speaker.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

A "Bush = Hitler" protest sign elicits tough talk from manly Kim du Toit : "If I am ever confronted by such a sign, or if anyone ever even attempts to equate George W. Bush to Hitler in my presence, I will beat them half to death with my bare hands."

Or he could just sit on them.


Monday, March 01, 2004

Milk carton alert: Have you seen this blogger?

I made the big time! On tbogg, a blog which, unlike mine, is actually read by other people.

Drat! I missed my chance with MD . . .


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