Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Salman Rushdie issues baseball batwah against fellow writer

Oh, yes. According to New York Magazine, Rushdie (of ALL people . . .) threatened a fellow writer with grievous bodily harm after the writer mildy dissed Rushdie's wife:

On February 8, Guy Trebay wrote about Salman Rushdie’s wife, Padma Lakshmi, in the Times. In the “Hindu pantheon,” he observed, “Lakshmi is the domestic deity representing wealth and the embodiment of beauty, grace, and charm . . . In the current fashion pantheon, Ms. Lakshmi similarly stands for a love of money and commodity. A burgeoning brand married to a global brand, she has no problem making public an inventory of brands she chooses to wear.” Understandably, her husband was not amused. Witnesses say Rushdie walked up to Trebay at a National Arts Club event three days later and said, “If you ever write mean things about my wife again, I’ll come after you with a baseball bat.” Shaken, Trebay, who was on his way out, left.

Of course I don't know how seriously to take the gossip section of New York Magazine.

Here's the shy and retiring Ms. Lakshmi. I know, I thought the same thing: How did this cow land that total hottie, Salman Rushdie?


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