Sunday, February 13, 2005

Steroids didn't make him a woman-beater - he comes by that naturally

I just saw Jose Canseco's interview on 60 Minutes. The beefy baseball cheat could barely suppress a smirk as Mike Wallace read off the list of his many arrests, a couple for beating up women. I don't remember the exchange verbatim and couldn't find a transcript online, but when Wallace asked if the steroids could have contributed to his violent behavior, Canseco's response was something like, "Are we to blame steroids every time somebody loses his temper?" In other words, the 'roids didn't make him beat up on women. He's a woman-beater by temperament.

Canseco kept sniffing and wiggling his nose throughout the interview, making me wonder if he wrote his book 'cause he needs money to support another wicked drug habit. Nasal spray, perhaps.


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