Monday, May 16, 2005

Who, us? Desecrate a Koran? Why, we would NEVER . . .

So. I see the lieberal traitors at Newsweek have retracted their story about GITMO interrogators desecrating copies of the Koran. It seems Newsweek's source said that he read about the alleged Koran desecrations in a report other than the report in which he originally said he read it. Ergo, Newsweek lied.

American interrogation specialists desecrating a holy book? US? As IF. As if anyone could believe that a country that could condone water boarding and stress positions for prisoners of war(and for people designated by the executive as "enemy combatants), a country that could justify the indefinite detention without trial of thousands of Bush-admin-designated "enemy combatants," a country that could do this and this and this would EVER stoop so low as to desecrate the holy book of Islam! To even suggest such a thing is treasonous!

I'm sure if any American at GITMO were to be so audacious as to even suggest such a thing he would be met with a chorus of indignant disapproval.

INTERROGATION SPECIALIST A: "Hey, the beatings, the isolation, the sexual humiliation - none of that shit is working. These guys aren't giving us anything good. Why don't we take one of those Koran books and, like, flush it down a toilet or something? They love those books. That might get'em going."

INTERROGATION SPECIALIST B: "Desecrate a Koran? That would be wrong! Why, that's their holy book - to desecrate it would be profoundly offensive to these prisoners and to the entire Islamic community. We can't do that! That goes against all the principles we as Americans hold dear!

Now, hold Osama's feet there so I can attach these electrodes to his balls . . ."



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