Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bush vs. the brush

Via The Poor Man, here's a post at Bottle of Blog about Bush's battles with the brush, or should I say, "the brush."

Bottle of Blog commenter Ricky wonders what Bush has against underbrush:

Bush has zero animals. Not a cow. Not a horse. Not even a bunch of chickens.

What's he clearing brush for? Pasture land for Barney?

Let's let President Bush himself explain:

"See, Ricky, what you gotta unnerstan' is that the brush HIDES things. It harbors things. Animals. We're dealin' with critters that lurk and hide, and then they srike. Chipmunks. Bunnies, with nasty big pointy teeth. See, if you harbor furry terrorists, you're guilty of terrorism. So lemme just put it this way: There's a lotta brush that will no longer pose a threat to Amurrica or her friends and allies."


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