Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catblogging by request

For MrsMaster Gunny: TC, communing with a potted palm:



Sunday, May 21, 2006

America no longer wants to have a beer with Bush

In fact, if Bush sat on the barstool next to America, America would take its beer and move down a coupla seats.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Other people's catblogging

JuBlu's cat tries to disarm Saddam and his evil companion.

Semi-shorter John Gibson

I didn't say that white people need to start breeding faster than brown people. What I said was, white people should start breeding faster than brown people.

Via Digby

"Shorter" concept stolen from Busy Busy Busy


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pledge, schmedge

Look at this. Jeff Goldstein violates the Online Integrity pledge - well, "statement of principles" - already. That was quick.

My fifteen minutes - over alREADY?

Well, ya know what? That's fine with me. FINE.

I was getting sick and tired of the incessant yammering in the comments anyway.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

A man after John Gibson's own heart!

One Winston McKuen - pardon me, that's Dr. Winston McKuen (he has an advanced degree in cobaggery*) - recently gave an interview to WLTX, a local news station, in which McKuen expressed his views about the intellectual inferiority of black people. Of course he's entitled to his opinion and all, but unfortunately he is a public school teacher whose duties include teaching black children. Dr. McKuen taught for Lexington, South Carolina School District 2, which has placed him on administrative leave, according to this story in The State, though I'm not sure whether he was placed on leave for being a racist cobag* or because the district learned that McKuen fudged his resume.

The school district says it didn't know about Dr. McKuen's views, but he hasn't been shy about spraying his racist opinions all over the Internets, as in this posting at "American Renaissance" website:

I teach Latin at a public high school that is considered one of the best in SC. Compared to other subjects, Latin is rigorously analytical and demanding. It has stood the test of time as a central component in classical education.

I teach white, oriental, hispanic and black students. Their classroom performance is in the same order, going from best (whites) to worst (blacks), with orientals closer to whites and hispanics closer to blacks.

Teaching blacks is like pulling hind teeth, and the reward for any Herculean effort by a teacher of blacks is merely to see the creatures revert to their own sorry excuse for a sub-culture.

When I was very young (early 20s), I was as avid an integrationist and egalitarian as you could find. But, for over 20 years now, I have sat attentively at the feet of that great teacher, EXPERIENCE.

By the way, I now consider segregationism to be a form of bleeding-heart liberalism.

Personally, I am a deportationist.
(I have no qualms whatever about using force.)

Not a day goes by that I don’t muse, while standing in the hallway between classes suppressing barbaric “student” behavior, how much better this school would be, both academically and socially, without the blacks and the hispanics (most of whom are illegal).

Let’s put it this way: One reason I keep a gym membership is to keep my edge in stopping gang fights at school. The Spartan King Leonidas (“the lion”), who fought a brilliant, self-sacrificial delaying action against the Persian horde at Thermopylae, is my role model.

Dr. Winston McCuen
Posted by Winston McCuen at 6:56 PM on July 20

Not much of a writer, is he? Seriously, how can he be stopping gang fights while simultaneously standing and musing? Maybe it sounds more plausible in Latin.

The school district says it wouldn't have hired McKuen if it had known that he had been fired from his previous job; McKuen was fired (from a PRIVATE SC school**) for refusing to take a Confederate flag down in his classroom. Dr. McKuen lied to the school district about having been fired. Although McKuen is openly cobag-ish*, and the Internet is strewn with examples of his cobaggery*, the school district was, it says, unaware of said cobaggery until McKuen did the WLTX interview.

Oh, almost forgot: The Rogue Planet No Shit, Sherlock Award goes to reporter J.R. Berry of South Carolina's WLTX: After McKuen says blacks are intellectually inferior and that slavery was a good thing, Berry sagely notes: "There will be some people that will say those are racist remarks." No shit, Sherlock!

* The word "cobag" is, I believe, a trademark of Sadly, No and/or 3Bulls

** I was a little surprised to read that a private school in South Carolina - in Greenville, yet - would fire a teacher for not removing a Confederate flag. I would have thought hanging a Confederate flag would get you a raise in most private SC schools . . .


Friday, May 12, 2006

Shorter John Gibson

"Wake up, whaahhht people!"

I stole the "Shorter" concept from BusyBusyBusy.

Gibson stole "Wake up, white people" from Daniel Carver.

(Via Atrios)


Thursday, May 11, 2006

When you pledge to stop bathing with your brother

Then I'll sign your online integrity pledge.

Any reservations I would have about signing on to this pledge (not that anyone would ever actually ask me to) are expressed by some of the dissenting commenters at the OI site, and by Chris Bowers here, and most eloquently by Retardo Montalban at Sadly No.

Of course my main objection to the pledge is that the pledge I spontaneously gave here at Rogue Planet late last year is way better than theirs:

So. Maybe I've been operating under a hugely incorrect assumption about how this whole blog dialogue thing is supposed to work. Which is that when a blog offers what appears to be an anonymous comments feature, one can comment in an anonymous fashion, without worrying that the blog owner is going to call one's god-damned boss. In that spirit, my pledge to you, my beloved readers, is that unless you overtly threaten me or someone else, or unless someone subpoenas me, or offers me a buttload of money, I will respect your desire to remain anonymous. So help me Bejus.

With friends like Josh Trevino


Shorter Joshua Trevino: "Stop making fun of my MENTALLY ILL friend JEFF GOLDSTEIN!"

Alternate shorter Jeff Goldstein: "Taunting Jeff Goldstein on the Internet is like tripping a third-grader on the playground."

Seriously, don't you think Jeff Goldstein must be cringing a little bit?

Goldstein: "Er, thanks, bud, but that really wasn't necessary."

Trevino: "Yes, Jeff, it was. Someone must stand up to these enemies of all that is decent. I have just begun to call out these unspeakable bastards, these vile ones who would amuse themselves by mocking the most vulnerable among us."

Goldstein: "Really. I'm FINE. You've done ENOUGH already."

For the record, it would be vile to mock someone for having a mental illness. Except that wasn't what Jane Hamsher was doing, as anyone can plainly see. Goldstein made a crack about Hamsher drinking copious quantities of vodka while blogging; Hamsher says she doesn't drink; Goldstein posts about taking Klonopin; Hamsher makes crack about "projection"; Trevino then gets his butt up on his shoulders and starts wildly issuing denunciations. Geez, the Richardcohenosphere is crawling with examples of vile behavior and Trevino picks this silly shit to crusade against?

I just wish Goldstein had showed up in Trevino's thread and threatened to - how do you say? - dick-slap someone. But no, the bastard wouldn't give us the satisfaction.

By the way, I myself see no problem with people consuming alcoholic beverages, and/or benzodiazepams, as long as they don't consume them simultaneously, of course. And as long as they take the latter strictly as prescribed, etc. And as long as they don't drive or operate heavy equipment or perform surgery or invade other countries while under the influence of these substances. Otherwise, I don't see why everyone else is so uptight about it . . .


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not making hay while the sun sort of shines

I should like, post some stuff, but Bette Davis is on TCM tonight. Sorry.


I'm about to reveal what a goober I am, but what the hey.

Look who just linked here, y'all . . . [whispers] The Poor Man. [shouting] That's right! The Poor Man! Linked to THIS BLOG! Oh. My. God.

And me all unprepared. If I'd a known The Editors was comin' I'd a baked something funny.

Sorry. I was going to act all suav-ay about it, but shoot. Damn. The Poor Man!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Would you want this guy anywhere near you with a scalpel?

Dr. Henry Jordan - a surgeon - is running for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.

Dr. Jordan attained fame, or infamy, in 1997 when he was a member of the South Carolina State Board of Education and he said, "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims."

He's mellowed since then. Anyway, let's listen to what Dr. Jordan, man of science, has to say for himself:

COLUMBIA - Lieutenant governor candidate Henry Jordan says science does not support Darwin's theory that man evolved from monkeys and that public school students should learn "intelligent design" along with evolution.

"I think everything ought to be taught ... and let people decide for themselves. There is no science to support trans-species changes, in other words, a monkey becoming a man," the Republican said in an interview this week with The Associated Press.

"A bunch of amoebas didn't get together and design all this," Jordan said, referring to the human body. "We'd be operating on people ... looking at their hearts, their liver and their lungs, I'd tell the techs, 'Can you believe those little amoebas figured all this out?'

"I mean you've got to be stupid to believe in evolution, I mean, really," he said.
Jordan believes the sin of pride and people's desire to decide their own fate, rather than obey God, are why people believe in evolution.

Jordan, a state Board of Education member from 1997-2001, will face incumbent Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Mike Campbell, son of the late Gov. Carroll Campbell, in the Republican primary next month. Jordan lost a bid for lieutenant governor in 1994.
While on the state board, Jordan was perhaps best known for his push to give schools the ability to post the Ten Commandments.

Jordan said Monday he believes it's important to continue to acknowledge God in public life.

He believes God continues to bless the United States, despite its transgressions, because it is Israel's "only real friend" and because Americans fund most of the world's missionaries.

"There are only two nations I know of that have been supernaturally blessed: Israel, because God chose them ... and the other is the United States," Jordan said.


Is it any wonder that those Christian Exodus fanatics thought South Carolina would be ripe for a theocratic takeover?

Feeling perverse

I blogrolled Protein Wisdom. Even though I think that guy is a dickhead. Now don't worry, I'm not going to turn Republicospeudolibertarian on y'all. But I am miffed at the left blogosphere over its recent bizarre priorities and I'm not talking to it. It hasn't noticed yet, but just you wait . . .

Note that no sooner did I blogroll Protein Wisdom than it went kablooie - probably sank under the weight of the multitude of hits from my global readership.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Words fail me

The murder of Atwar Bahjat.

Via Desi.

Wanker of the day

Almost the entire left blogosphere. See here (and follow links) for gory details.


Ana Marie Cox: I read her "Time" piece, giving her every benefit of the doubt, 'cause that's the kind of person I am, and yes, it was totally wanker-ish. She completely missed the Gawker joke. I'm pretty sure she's not that stupid, so I can only conclude that A) She was having a bad hair day when she wrote that, and it infected her thinking (hey, I've been there); or 2) she's just playing dumb - i.e., the lefty bloggers are basically right about her.

Mark Kleiman: For going overboard to defend Cox's boneheaded opinion piece, and most especially for attributing Digby's criticism of her to "male chauvinism" - later amended to "misogyny" but STILL. DIGBY! Of ALL people! Kleiman, you wanker, if you've read any Digby at all how could you even THINK such a thing - unless you're just having a bad hair day!

Atrios: For making such a big freaking deal out of this silly crap. C'mon, big guy, you can do better than that.

Me: For blogging about it. Though in fairness to me, who cares what I blog about?

Retardo Montalban: Get a grip on yourself, asshole. And I LIKE "Sadly No."

This commenter on Atrios, for, among other things, referring to the "civility meme." Civility is not a mere "meme," dickhead, it is an actual virtue. One that I presently lack. But anyway, if all you civility-dissing assholes, including Atrios, really think civility is no big deal, then the next time you're invited to participate on some stupid televised blogging panel, I fucking dare you chickenshit wankers to refer to your political opponents as "fucking wankers." Or even just "wankers." I double-dog dare ya, asshats!


Digby: He/she was right about Cox's "Time" article, and though he/she was unsparing in his/her assessment of AMC, he/she was never unnecessarily crude, unlike the rest of us wankers.

Btw, is Digby really a chick, as I have been reading? No matter. I still want to have his/her baby.

This guy: 'Cause he has the right attitude about the whole wankfest.

Update: rilkefan points out that Mr. Kleiman kindly posted an apology to Digby.

I didn't really expect more than three people to actually ever read this post, but, er, in case more than three people do read it I should point out that I don't think any of the people named above is a total wanker. Not even AMC. I like these people, mostly. It just seems that we've all been seized by some kind of massive spasm of wank.


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