Monday, October 02, 2006

RoguePlanet exclusive: GOP House leadership ignored memo entitled "Foley Determined to Nail Teenage Page Inside the U.S."

I didn't think I'd miss much, being away from TV and computers for a couple of days, but obviously I was wrong.

The biggest news is not really Foley's hitting on teenage pages, it's the fact that the GOP leadership knew about it for years.

House Leader Boehner says he told Speaker Hastert. Wonder how that conversation went?

BOEHNER: "Denny, we've got a big problem with Foley. Potential dynamite. He's been hitting on the pages, the boys, and a bunch of them are pretty creeped out. In fact, I had a private investigator look into this, and he prepared this memo. It's called 'Foley Determined to Nail Teenage Page Inside the U.S.' [hands memo to Hastert]

Maybe we should, um, do something?"

HASTERT [spewing doughnut crumbs]: "All right, you've covered your ass now."

Plenty more on this in general at Talking Points Memo.


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