Monday, March 12, 2007

Why your blog sucks

Possible reasons not as many people read your blog as you would like:

1) You post way too often. People need a break, time to fold their laundry, open a bottle of wine, have sex, etc. Not necessarily in that order. If people are constantly refreshing your blog they won't have time to do other things. So put a sock in it every once in a while.

2) Your page design sucks. Seriously. It looks like you started your blog using one of Blogger's original boring-ass templates, and you never bothered to change it, even though many fine new templates with eye appeal are now available. Change your template, you lazy bastard.

3) People are sick of your incessant blogwhoring. Look, good marketing/PR is a skill. But trust me, people won't buy what you're selling if you come off as being desperate. So stop spamming my comments. And don't think you're fooling anyone with your "MD" alias. And stop constantly emailing me. "Dear kc, please link to this great post I just did about Andrea Mitchell!" Please. If you think you have something I'll be interested in, then send it to me. Don't email me every time you update your blog. I mean, Jesus!

4) Your blog actually sucks. Didja ever think of that? Look, I'm sorry, but if you've been blogging since 2002 and you don't have a huge global readership like I do, maybe it's just YOU.

5) Kos tells you what to post. Don't deny it.

6) A sizable chunk of your content involves you telling other people how to blog. C'mon. If people want blogging tips, they'll look to a successful blogger, like me.

Hope this helps you build up your readership. Persevere, update strategerically, and maybe some day you'll reach the top of the blogworld, kiddo. It worked for me.


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