Monday, August 30, 2004

Exclusive: Official transcript of Bush interview with Matt Lauer

LAUER: How do you think historians will view your actions in Iraq, Mr. President?

BUSH: I'm not the historian. I'm the guy making history, see? I make decisions affecting the lives and deaths, lives all over the world and other people study it and write about the history I make.

LAUER: What do you say to those people who would say that America is in danger of becoming an imperial power . . .?

BUSH: I'm the guy who leads the world, see? America is the world's only power left and it chose me as leader. I choose to lead through liberation, a policy shift, liberating all people from evil-doers regardless of the darkness of their skin.

LAUER: Well now, some people say that your repeated references to brown-skinned and dark-skinned people are a way of playing the race card, using the race card against the Democrats. Can you explain -

BUSH: Hold it. Let me finish. Let me finish, OK? See, I'm the commander. And I don't have to explain myself. Things get explained to me, see? Not the other way around. Maybe someone needs to explain to me why they think I need to explain myself.

(Satan contributed to this report)


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