Tuesday, December 21, 2004

As if South Carolina doesn't have enough home-grown nuts

Via Digby, read about these radical fundamentalist Constitution-hating Christians who want to invade South Carolina and turn it into a theofascist state.

Maybe they'd find some kindred spirits in the upstate (home of Bob Jones) but here on the coast we like our bourbon, our titty bars, our bingo parlors, gambling boats and lottery. I don't understand why those Christian Exodus folks don't have themselves a real exodus and move to someplace more amenable to their desire for a society governed by far-right religious clerics - Saudi Arabia, say. Or if Saudi Arabia's not strict enough, Alabama.

Oddly, two of the three founders of Christian Exodus live in Texas and California respectively (the bio for the third mullah does not list his residence). Why aren't THEY moving to South Carolina? (not that I'm complaining). Maybe they're really dissolute liberals, hoping to fob off their home state's wingnuts onto some other unfortunate state.

Shorter Digby commenters: "*&$#@% South Carolina!" Sometimes I forget how self-righteously asshole-ish liberals can be, and then I go read the comments on Atrios or somewhere and am reminded afresh. I'd like to join an exodus to some country where people don't give a rip about politics, and are good-looking and tan and not in a continual state of pissed-offness. Sweden, perhaps . . .


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