Thursday, December 09, 2004

CBS exposes Atrios

Famous blogger Atrios' "neutrality" is a sham. A pose. A pretense.

Naturally Atrios is all up in arms now that his veil of feigned objectivity has been stripped away. Well, Mr. Atrios, looks like the "media whores" have turned the tables on YOU.

I wrote David Paul Kuhn, the author of the CBS article, to express my thanks and slip in a little blogwhoring at the same time. Here is what I wrote him:

Dear Mr. Kuhn:

Thank you for your brilliant investigative reporting on "Atrios" and his hidden bias. I, like countless others, was drawn to his blog by his pose of neutrality and objectivity. Little did I know that he was in the employ of a shadowy group and pushing an anti-Bush agenda "all the while," as you put it in the first (of several) published versions of your article.

You will probably be criticized by some just because you got a few basic, easily verifiable facts completely wrong. Ignore the naysayers. The important thing is that you have exposed the hidden bias of Atrios and his Internet blog.

Please consider doing a similar investigation of the blogger known as "kc." Her blog, "Rogue Planet," feigns neutrality but I suspect that she may actually harbor strong anti-Bush sentiments. I suspect as well that she is receiving funds from shadowy groups. Just look at her blog; observe the professional-looking, polished template and the sophisticated graphics. The FEC needs to investigate her and the source of her funding.

That's "Rogue Planet." Don't forget to put the URL in your article. "Rogue Planet." "Rogue Planet."

Oh, by the way, here's a tip: I suspect "The Medium Lobster" isn't really a lobster. On his Internet blog he pretends to hold lobsterarity but think about it: You can't operate a computer mouse with lobster claws. You might want to look into it.

Kind regards,



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