Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lindsey Graham campaigns before captive audience

of graduates.

Graham, R-S.C., spoke to more than 2,500 graduates at the winter commencement ceremony for USC's eight campuses, calling them the next great generation.

"We're going to win the war, ladies and gentlemen, and the reason we're going to win the war is because of our nation's young," Graham said.

Graham said the average age for military in the Persian Gulf region is 20 for sailors, 22 for special forces members and 28 for fighter pilots.

I bet this guy would really skew the numbers . . .

Senator Graham also did a little politicking on the Social Security crisis, or "crisis," as more informed commenters call it:

Graham also pledged to fight for Social Security reform before the system runs out of money in 2042.

"Just do the math. That's about the time you'll need it, isn't it?" Graham said with a chuckle.

No wonder Bob Somerby's correspondents are so confused.


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