Sunday, December 05, 2004

Steven Brill expresses remorse for inflicting Nancy Grace upon America

As well he should.

Mr. Brill did not seem thrilled about the new direction Court TV has taken since Time Warner bought out his stake in the network in 1997. In his day, anchors were forbidden to express their views or take a position on trials they were covering. And as Court TV has changed, he said, so has Ms. Grace.

"I regret what her persona on television has become because I think it just contributes to the overall scream culture that is too often cable television," he said. "I feel like I owe a debt to society for putting her on television."

He also owes a debt to ME, the sumbitch. After I was bombarded with form letters from "Steven Brill" urging, nay, begging me to renew my Content magazine subscription, I finally sent them a check. The magazine immediately tanked. Mr. Brill knew it was coming. So he owes me $25.00, damn it.


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