Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Top THIS, you blue state elitist Digby commenters!

I bet y'all don't have this kind of fun in your fancy blue states:

MOUNTAIN REST - Step right up folks, come see the three-legged chicken. And it's no joke, says the sign.
The golden-brown three-legged beauty pecks its way around a pen behind the Mountain Top Trading Post in Mountain Rest.

Rick Pelfrey, who assists his mother, Maybelle Pelfrey, in running the family-owned business, said he bought the chicken more than a month ago from a friend for $100.

A sign outside the trading post reads, "For a dollar you can see a three-legged chicken, it's alive - no joke."

Taped in one upper corner of the sign is the first dollar Pelfrey's sideshow spectacle earned him.

More than 170 people have since paid to view the chicken, which shares a pen with a rooster and a smaller chicken.

Word-of-mouth is partly responsible for much of the attention the chicken has drawn to the trading post, which is known for its hot-boiled peanuts, Pelfrey said.

Update: Who do y'all think would win a tic-tac-toe contest - the three-legged chicken of Mountain Rest, or new South Carolina State Board of Education appointee Ron Wilson?


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