Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'd sell it

That's what I did in my bartending days when I found a baggie full of the stuff on the floor on the floor of the bar after a big night.

I picked it up and said, "Hey, look what I found!"

The bar owner said, "That looks like good stuff! I'll give you fifty dollars for that!"

And I said, "Cool! Okay!" Then when I was putting the money in my pocketbook, I said, "Oh. I guess this makes me a drug dealer."

Of course, I wasn't an experienced drug dealer or I would have known I could sell that stuff for more than fifty dollars.

I hope Waffle House doesn't read this post, because they have a strict no-drug policy and they'd fire my ass for sure. And there's no Bloggers' Bill of Rights to protect me.


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