Thursday, January 13, 2005

That's mighty white of you

Letter to the editor of the Charleston Post & Courier:

I was with my wife and two of our friends in a restaurant recently. We were seated beside a group of people who appeared to be from the Middle East. They seemed to be a family with two small children and a young lady who was obviously American. As we sat down I was initially annoyed at their conversation which I did not understand as they were speaking their native language. I think this is probably annoying to most Americans today.

I thought about my relatives and friends in Iraq and Afghanistan while these people were here in our country enjoying their lives and family and this wonderful free and safe country that is America. This made me angry for an instant, then I thought maybe this is the reason my friends and relatives are in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that people can be free to come to this country and be safe here in the greatest country in the world.

My initial anger turned to pride that I was born in the great country that continues to welcome these people to our country.


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