Sunday, February 06, 2005

Letter to the editor

Of the Sun News:

Our values, what we have left, are seriously stretched. Un-American, anti-administration protesters - I'll bet none of them has served the country - humiliated the majority of citizens, humiliated our president and desecrated our flag.

Some men and women of our military, the guards at the Abu Ghraib prison, are prosecuted by their superiors, persecuted by [Sen. Edward] Kennedy, [D-Mass.], and criminalized for nothing more than humiliating a fanatical and barbarous enemy who are rewarded for murdering infidels, beheadings, suicide bombings and kidnappings.

It's serious business to send a man to prison; this cheapens it. These protesters hide behind the bulwark of free speech but have done everything to lose it.

Can you imagine these [protesters], in want of more descriptive language, standing by and allowing their flag to be burned - unconscionable.

Free speech must be curtailed.


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