Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Joe Scarborough doesn't like being called a murderer

As you may know, when MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was a Congressman, a young female intern died in his office under mysterious circumstances. Joe is apparently kind of sensitive about that - according to the Daily Kos, he once threatened to sic his lawyers on Michael Moore for some comments Moore made about the incident. From Kos, this exchange occurred on Scarborough's show:

SCARBOROUGH: You going to talk to Michael?
GOLDBERG: When he has time for me.
SCARBOROUGH: When he has time for you, just tell him to stop going around calling me a murderer or I`m going to have to call my lawyers. Will you do that for me?

So Joe knows that it sucks to be falsely accused of a crime of violence. But that didn't stop him from permitting a guest on his show to level sleazy, totally unfounded accusations against Michael Schiavo. Via the incomparable Daily Howler:

HAMMESFAHR: Well, we don`t really know. What we do know is that she was—she apparently told her family she was going to leave Michael. And they asked that she not return to him that night. And the next morning, she is found face down on the floor unresponsive. The ambulance—
SCARBOROUGH: I have got to stop you there. Who told you that?
HAMMESFAHR: That`s in the record, the medical and legal record. So, we know that for a fact. And then she was taken into—
SCARBOROUGH: Are you suggesting foul play here?
HAMMESFAHR: I`m suggesting that an investigation needs to be done of this case.
SCARBOROUGH: Doctor, thanks for being with us. Explosive allegations.

At least when Joe was accused of foul play (allegedly - I don't know what Michael Moore actually said), he could fight back from his nationally televised show. Michael Schiavo can't do that.

I'm gonna suggest now that another investigation needs to be done into the circumstances of the death of that intern in Scarborough's office. Who knows what explosive allegations might turn up?


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