Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pro-lifers threaten judge

Scores of protesters have gathered at the hospice where [Terri Schiavo]is being kept to strategize on ways to get the state legislature to intervene in the case.

Police have reinforced security around the hospice, blocking all entry points and registering everyone who enters the site. They handcuffed and arrested a woman protester who tried to enter the hospital with bottled water.
"The arrogance of Judge Whittemore is extraordinary," said Patrick Mahoney, a priest with the Christian Defense Coalition, one of the lead groups opposed to letting Terri Schiavo die. "How dare he waits 24 hours to take this ruling?"


People outside the hospice were visibly angry.

"I'm honing my skills as a terrorist to tyrants," warned Wayne Maxwell, 65, who said he came from Texas to support the cause. "Too many people in high offices have betrayed their people," he said.
(emphasis supplied)


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