Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hell hath no fury like a bunch of liberal bloggers scorned

Bejus, get a look at this Steve Gilliard post slamming Wonkette, all because Wonkette keeps getting asked to do television appearances. And the comments - what a bunch of angry, self-righteous, humorless twits. No wonder no one wants them on a panel . . . Oh, I know. They're not jealous of her. They're just angry that she somehow makes liberal bloggers look bad.

I'm tempted to add Wonkette to the illustrious Rogue Planet blogroll (though she doesn't seem to blogroll anyone else, so on second thought, nahh). I don't particularly care for her blog, but I'd rather have a drink with her than Steve Gilliard. (Hey, they're just bloggers; it's not like they're running for president, so the "I'd rather have a drink with" criteria is defensible).

The righteously angry Mr. Gilliard is raising money for his blogging expenses right now. Go give him some cash, if you're so inclined. At least this time he isn't competing with tsunami victims.

: John Aravosis of AmericaBlog thought Wonkette did a pretty good job on the National Press Club panel. Frankly, I don't know how seriously you can take a blogging/journalism conference that doesn't include ME, but I'll take Mr. A's word for it (because I don't feel like watching the video).


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