Monday, May 16, 2005

Motorcycles good. Harleys bad.

It's bike week - pardon me, Harley week - in Myrtle Beach and I'm surrounded by assholes on obnoxiously, needlessly loud Harleys. Most of these people couldn't ride their way out of a paper bag (maybe that's why so many of them tow their bikes here on trailers) but ooohhh, they're so rebellious. So wild and free, in their Harley (TM) leather vests and their Harley (TM) do-rags and their Harley (TM) leather chaps and their Harley (TM) boots with their Harley (TM) saddle bags and their Harley (TM) jewelry. Soon we'll have a Harley (TM) theme restaurant to amuse them.

Harleys suck. For all the reasons enumerated here, and more.


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