Monday, May 09, 2005

My first de-linking!

The other day I was perusing the weblog of Velociman, alpha male and scourge of the Red Hat Society ladies, when I realized that my blog no longer appears on his blogroll. Velociman de-linked me, without a word as far as I can see.

Now I know I'm still kind of new to this blogging thing, but I thought that it was customary for the de-linker to accompany the de-linking with a powerful denunciation of the de-linkee; or at least with an I-am-now-delinking-[fill in the blank]-more-in-sadness-than-in-anger kind of post. Complete with a link, of course, so the de-linker's readers can follow it to the de-linkee's site and then proceed to taunt and deride the de-linkee and generally make trolls of themselves until they lose interest.

I mean, that's how I discovered Acidman's blog.

And it was through Acidman's blog that I found Velociman's. So I was a little hurt at his lack of blogging courtesy.

But I'll always remember my first de-linking, unceremonious as it was, much as I'll always fondly remember my very first blogrolling (by the excellent-despite-being-mostly-libertarian Catallarchy)

Update: Velociman has re-linked me. He was clearing out dead blogs, he said, and mine got caught up in the carnage. I can see how someone might mistake this blog for a dead one . . . Anyway, thanks, Velociman; you're a gentleman and a scholar.


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