Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Bush administration doesn't trust Americans enough to ask them to sacrifice anything

Prompted by today's Meet the Press, Atrios asks us to imagine the reaction to a presidential speech calling on Americans to enlist in the military. We Americans have willingly surrendered some of our freedom via the Patriot Act for the illusion of safety from terrorist attacks. We've been told to watch what we say, eat freedom fries, boycott French wine, and "support our troops." But we haven't been called upon to do anything that would affect us materially or impinge upon our blessed way of life - we haven't been asked to voluntarily give up our gas-sucking SUV's, to build and buy smaller houses. We haven't been asked to give up our tax cuts so that our troops might have armored equipment.* We haven't been asked to enlist.

Why is that? Could it be that the Bush administration really doesn't have any faith in us?

(*John McCain was harping on this theme a year ago and Dennis Hastert had the gall to lecture him on sacrifice)


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