Friday, June 24, 2005

Deflect. Distract. Demonize.

White House spokesman Dan Bartlett just gave, on the Today Show, a textbook demonstration of Republican technique: Questioned by Matt Lauer about Rove's disgraceful comments, Bartlett kept turning the conversation back to Moveon.org. It was CLEAR, Matt, that Mr. Rove was talking about MOVEON.ORG, which OPPOSED the use of military force. Why these fine Democrats who supported the president then are now rallying behind MOVEON.ORG, these EXTREMIST LIBERAlS, is beyond me. etc. Bartlett threw Michael Moore in there, too.

See how they do it? Deflect. Distract. Demonize.

I hope we don't let'em get away with it this time.


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