Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New to the illustrious Rogue Planet blogroll

Steve Gilliard. He wasn't on there before because I think he's a thoroughgoing jerk - self-righteous, judgmental, preachy - he reminds me of Dr. Laura. If Dr. Laura were black, male, and an angry left-wing blogger. Yet I read his blog a couple of times a week, comment on it frequently, and rudely, and find it to be wildly entertaining precisely because of his jerkiness. So why not add him to the blogroll? I mean, heck, if I can blogroll Acidman . . . Plus, I feel sorry for Steve G. His blog doesn't get anywhere NEAR the traffic mine does. Maybe this will give the dude a boost. Go give him some money, he needs it.

Also, Brad Warthen, editor of my hometown (Columbia, South Carolina) newspaper, The State . His blog is brand new. Yes, when I learned that The State's editor had a blog, I emitted low, mordant chuckles, to steal a phrase from the incomparable Daily Howler. The Internet has given yet another marginalized citizen a voice, I thought. At last, Brad Warthen will no longer be limited to broadcasting his opinions on the editorial pages of a statewide newspaper!

To The State's credit, Mr. Warthen's blog actually has open, unmoderated comments. I wonder how long that will last. Especially now that idontbelievethestate has found the blog. For now, I find it immensely amusing to be able to sass him in person. The State's editorial page has a preachy, schoolmarmy, finger-wagging quality that I find irritating even when I agree with The State, and maddening when I don't. This is particularly true of the columns written by Mr. Warthen and Cindi Ross Scoppe. Moreover, The State is all too quick to fall for phony-ass politicians who pretend to be something other than politicians (Bush, Sanford). You know, the kind of politician whose campaign ads say that he's a "leader," not a politician like all those other politicians running for the same office. Many times have I composed long cranky letters to The State in my head, only to be too lazy to actually write them down. Now I can just go to Mr. Warthen's blog and ask questions I've always wanted to ask, like - when Mr. Warthen started complaining about Sanford's utterly predictable libertarian agenda - "what the hell did you expect when you endorsed him?"
Mr. Warthen even answered that last question in comments (addressing another commentor). He favored Sanford, he says, because during Sanford's campaign he thought Sanford shared his pet priorities, such as restructuring state government. To which I say SUCKA! It's painfully obvious now that Sanford's actual priority is eliminating most of state government (except for the Sanford aide who recently got a whopping pay raise). To speculate wildly (a la Steve Gilliard) about The State's true motives for endorsing Sanford: Frankly, I think The State was just seduced by Sanford's nice tan, lean good looks, and crisp white shirts. The State can be so shallow sometimes.


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