Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Our long national nightmare is over"

quipped Kevin Drum about the end of the Michael Jackson trial. I won't comment on the verdict, 'cause I don't really care, but I DO have one question: What the hell is wrong with California? Why does it take that state 8, 9, more months to try a relatively simple case that should take no more than two weeks - two months TOPS? Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, and of course OJ . . . are these ludicrously lengthy trials standard in California? Or does the state just spend more time trying to put famous people behind bars?

I just flat don't understand how the judges let this happen. The waste of resources is just mind-boggling. And to ask citizens to give up that much of their lives to sit on a jury is just too much. Few average people could afford to do that, which may explain why so many of the jurors seem to be unemployed oddballs (NTTAWWT) who relish their few minutes in the spotlight.


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