Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogging for grown-ups

Kevin Drum has always been one of my favorite bloggers; his was one of the first political blogs I started reading. I've always liked his mild-mannered, level style, which makes an appealing contrast to the fiery preaching of some of the other left-leaning blogs I read. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the firebrands; I just find Drum's low-key style to be a refreshing contrast to the pitched fury and cheap jokes (you know, like on this blog) that swirl around most of the Internet. Not that I agree with him all the time, by any means.

Of course some people can't stand him for the very qualities I like, and especially lately, he's had a number of lefty commenters angrily denouncing him for being insufficiently hard on Bush, and insufficiently angry about some of the things that piss the commenters off. But Mr. Drum's cool about it. Unlike, say, Michael Totten, he's not going to go weeping on the shoulders of right wingers because some lefties were mean to him.

Anyway, Mr. D's been on vacation this week, and LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik has been guest blogging, along with Lindsey Beyerstein. I'd never heard of Mr. Hiltzik before but I've enjoyed the heck out of his thoughtful posts, esp. the ones about journalists' coziness with their sources. And I'm sure I don't just like his posts because I agree with most of them. Mr. Hiltzik just posted his last post this evening. So go read his other Political Animal posts now, while they're still fresh.

Now 'scuse me while I go read me some Rude Pundit. Hey, it takes all kinds . . .


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