Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fanatics on the right, weasels on the left

Blogger Mike of Colorado Veterans for America has a report on an appearance by Rep. Tom "Bomb Mecca" Tancredo (R. CO). Apparently Rep. Tancredo has decided to run with the bloodthirsty-fanatic act; he reiterated his call to bomb Mecca in response to any futurist terrorist attacks.

Rep. Tancredo is kind of like a male version of Ann Coulter. Oh, wait . . . OK, then, he's an older version of Ann Coulter. Oh, right . . . um, Tancredo is like Ann Coulter, if Mr. Coulter were a Congressman.

I must note (grudgingly) that conservative Hugh Hewitt denounced Rep. Tancredo's moronic remarks.

By contrast, Democrat Ken Salazar of Colorado issued this weaselly statement:

"I respect other religions and other groups, including Muslims, and I think Rep. Tancredo's comments may have been taken out of context," Salazar said. "I would not have used those same words. I think they were a poor choice of words."


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