Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've been kind of miffed at Satan

because he hasn't updated his blog in nine months. Some Lord of the Underworld HE is.

But in fairness to him, world affairs have kept him very busy - getting Bush re-elected, the wars, the genocide, the innumerable bombings, and promoting Harry Potter books in schools. His activities in the latter regard have drawn the ire of a Cayce, South Carolina resident, Mr. C.L., who writes to The State newspaper:

The photo of Nursery Road Elementary School principal Mary Kennerly in witch’s garb in last Sunday’s paper (“The magic of the written word”) was particularly distasteful if not shameful: What are they teaching children in school nowadays? Magic?

Magic conjures up thoughts of witchcraft and the underworld, not to mention the garb(age) worn by Ms. Kennerly. Magic and witchcraft are not as harmless as they might seem. Witchcraft is a religion. Ever heard of the Church of satan? (I purposely did not capitalize his name to show my dishonor.)

Where is the separation of church and state? School principals should know they will be held accountable for their actions. In this case, Ms. Kennerly should be reprimanded along with others who allow or promote witchcraft to become part of the school curriculum.

C____ L_____

Now, Satan is a cyber-friend of mine, and I appreciate that he has an extraordinarily busy schedule. But if he doesn't resume blogging soon, I shall purposely cease capitalizing his name, to show my dishonor.

That'll teach him.


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