Sunday, July 10, 2005

Shorter Brad Warthen: "Democracy sucks."

In his column in today's State paper, Brad Warthen reiterates the right-wing conventional wisdom that the Spanish election results were the result of the Spanish people's caving to the terrorists. In London, says Mr. Warthen, "[y]ou won’t get fear, or surrender (as in Spain)." He said much the same thing in his July 8 blog entry (no link here because his blog posts are egregiously slow-loading, but it's the post in which he talks about how September 11 got him all excited 'cause he figured it would shake us out of our national rut).

Mr. Warthen completely ignores the likelihood that Spain threw Aznar's government out because it tried to exploit the train bombing there for political gain and LIED egregiously to the people about the identity of the perpetrators. Nah, he just dutifully repeats the right-wing line that the cowardly Spaniards surrendered to the terrorists. Of course if you read Mr. Warthen regularly you realize that he doesn't have a high opinion of voters in South Carolina either - he thinks he's smarter than two thirds of them (looking at Junior DeMint, I have to think he's probably right).

("Shorter concept stolen from busybusybusy)

p.s. No, I did not egg Mr. Warthen's house! I haven't egged anything since I was in the eighth grade. But . . . ahem . . . does Idontbelievethestate have an alibi?


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