Sunday, July 24, 2005

Torture is such a laff riot

Rush Limbaugh's website has a page featuring photos of Limbaugh's moron fans proudly displaying their "Club Gitmo" T-shirts. Check it out. The banality of evil personified.

Naturally, the one above caught my eye. It shows one of the vacuous ditto-heads and his children posing with South Carolina's own Governor Richie Rich. The picture was taken at a celebration of the opening of Charleston's fabulous new bridge.

Note the body language: Our lean, tan, aristocratic gov looks like he's trying hard to minimize body contact with the sticky-looking ditto-head, who has one arm latched around Sanford's waist and the other clutching one of his children. I can't say as I blame the gov. I wouldn't want ditto-head cooties, either.

You know Sanford hates this crap. He COULD be living a life of ease down on his Charleston acreage, but he had a higher calling: To enter politics so that he could systematically dismantle the institutions of government, and cut taxes for people like himself. His mission is a noble one. Still, how distasteful it must be for him, having to get out there and pander for votes amongst the rednecks. I'll bet he goes home and scrubs himself down with Lysol after every one of these press-the-flesh events where he's forced to mingle with the hoi polloi.

(Lard Mountain link via Wonkette)


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