Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How to put the screws to the mother of your children

World O'Crap
links to a website, laughably called "Intellectual Conservative," which counsels men on how gain a judicial advantage over that *&#%ing greedy psycho bitch who happens to be the mother of their children.

Child support is expensive, reasons the "Intellectual Conservative," and that *&#$ing #@&%, the mother of your children, will probably just spend it buying crack for her new boyfriend anyway, so men should try to win custody of their children from that *#$%ing $%*@$, their mother, says the "Intellectual Conservative."

In order to gain the upper hand in a contested case, the "Intellectual Conservative" instructs men to abuse the judicial process:

Perseverance - Money and Emotional Stress Will Wear Your Ex Down

Although the child custody laws favor women [this is not true- kc], and although your ex may have free legal help from one of those government funded organizations that provide free legal help to low-income women who claim they are victims of domestic violence, you can still overcome this unfair disadvantage through sheer perseverance. Attorneys themselves tend to burn out in this area of the law, because of the emotional stress, particularly attorneys who are working pro bono or for very little money working for Legal Aid. Whether you are representing yourself or have hired an attorney, keep in mind the more work you create for your ex, the more you will wear down her resolve to fight you and keep full custody of the kids.

Just don't get caught doing this, cautions the "Intellectual Conservative":

The key is not to annoy the judge, if the judge suspects you are filing frivolous pleadings just to harass your ex, he may rule against you and you could end up being ordered to pay for your ex's attorney fees.

So by all means, use the judicial system to harass and hound that *&#$ing *$%#, the mother of your children, just don't let the judge catch you doing it.

The "Intellectual Conservative" also warns men that the court-appointed guardian's custody evaluation may favor that *&#$ing *&@%$, the mother of your children, therefore men should retain their own experts and instruct the experts to ask the kids leading questions designed to make that *&$#ing *&#@$, the children's mother, look bad:

One way to combat these custody evaluations is to preempt them with a psychological evaluation of your own. Find a child psychologist who has a reputation for being favorable to fathers, and preferably also one on the court's approved list of psychologists, if the court has one, and have him do a preliminary evaluation of your child. You may want to give the psychologist leading questions to ask your child, such as whether your child would rather live with you, if mother abuses drugs, alcohol, or smoking in front of the child, if people close to the mother abuse or sexually touch the child, etc. - whatever bad things your child has indicated to you about living with your ex.

Perhaps you are thinking this sounds emotionally abusive to the children? Sure, but it's worth it to get one up on that *&%$ing cow, their mother. The "Intellectual Conservative" is notably devoid of any advice that men consider the best interests of their children; I guess we can all just assume that their best interests will be served by getting a court to take them away from their *&#@ing slut-bitch-whore of a mother and give them to you, so you won't have to pay child support.


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