Monday, August 15, 2005

I love our troops more than you do!

notes a new trend:

I've been thinking for a while that we might
be seeing the beginning of a new trend in American politics --- the
anti-military right. Rush is calling marines "pukes," veterans are
being called cowards and fakers, disabled vets are mocked for not
having the right wounds or getting them in the right way, GOP hags are
wearing cute little "purple heart" bandaids on their

It goes hand in hand with another trend I've noticed, but I haven't
seen anyone else comment on it: The lionization of the military by
some on the left. I couldn't disagree more with this post by Kos, especially where he says

But there is real danger when those who make
the decisions to go to war are completely bereft of military

What is that "real danger?" Kos doesn't tell us, so we can only
speculate. In any case, I completely reject the notion that only
someone who has military experience should make the decision to go to
war. The people who should make that decision are our elected
representatives. I'll admit I was pleased that the Democrats had a
couple of bona fide military men running for president the last tiem
around (for all the good it did us), but I would never condition my
vote for president on the sole consideration of whether the candidate
has military experience. It's one of many factors to consider and
although it's usually a positive one (especially if we're talking
about bona fide military service, like Kerry's or Clark's, versus
phony pad-your-political-resume string-pulling military "service" like
Mark Sanford's), it's not the only one. As several Kos commenters
pointed out, FDR didn't have any military experience.

Getting back to the rise of the anti-military right, Digby speculates
that some right wingers are turning on the military because they blame
the military for failing to produce the expected result in Iraq, i.e.,
instant democracy and a grateful, flower-throwing Iraqi populace. I
respectfully disagree - I think these right wingers have demonstrated
for years that they will turn rabidly on anyone who fails to fall in
line with their agenda. Hence the vicious attacks on Kerry and Clark.
But it wouldn't surprise me one bit if, when things continue to
spiral downwards in Iraq, some wingers blame the military, along with
"the left" and the Iraqis themselves. They'll be pointing the finger
at everyone except those truly responsible for this debacle.


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