Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Look, it's not like we're at WAR or anything

Struggle, yes
. War, no.

Peter, Cabana Boy in residence at Blondesense, is a typical lie-beral - angry and bitter over President Bush's taking a hard-earned vacation. Bush is fixin' to set a record for most vacation by an American president during his presidency.

Bush works hard, incredibly hard, and I for one don't begrudge him a minute of his vacation. Why shouldn't the man take a break? It's not like this Iraq freedom thing needs his attention. Everything's under control there. Besides, as Peter himself is forced to admit, there's a good possibility Bush is not really missed in D.C. Let's face it, they probably get a lot more accomplished without Dumbya all underfoot - wanting to be read to, asking for the blue crayon, pitching temper tantrums, needing his diapers changed, etc.

Update: Oops. My bad. We ARE at war. Bush says so. And he's the commander, see? So what he says goes. And what he says is WAR.


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