Thursday, August 11, 2005

Michelle Malkin is a dreadful woman

As evidenced by posts like this. And by her book entitled "In Defense of Internment." She's not a nice woman, and her views and words deserve to be mocked, insulted, and vilified.

Still - at the risk of sounding like the liberal Humor Police recently taken to task by the Rude Pundit, I wish some of Malkin's critics would lay off the horribly sexist, racist language .

When Mithras said Malkin would "arrest herself for crossing a border," that was not racist; rather, it called attention to her own racism. And it was funny. But all those "Bangkok whore," "me so horny" cracks about her are puerile, stupid, and racist, playing on the most odious racist cliche about Asian women. I wish people would knock it off. If they can't be persuaded to stop saying those things because they're racist and wrong, maybe they could consider whether it's a good idea to let someone like Malkin portray herself as a victim.

(Yes, I admit that I myself am a racist in that I continue to believe that white people suck.)

That's all.

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