Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Steely-balled rocket man

Roy at Alicublog links to a couple of Peggy Noonan columns which display an unseemly interest in parts of Dumbya's anatomy. Two parts, to be precise. This bon mot is so delicieux that Nooners relates it in two columns:
"As a West Point official said to me in passing, 'He's [Bush] got two of 'em.'"

Maybe Nooners just forgot that she'd already used that "he's got two of'em" line. [hic] I [hic] can certainly [hic] understand [hic] how that could happen [hic].

Anyway, Roy seems to think Nooners and her anonymous West Point source are referring to Dumbya's BALLS, but it's entirely possible that Mr. West Point Official was referring to Dumbya's thumbs, both of which were wedged up Dumbya's ass on 9/11.

Or maybe he was referring to Bush's two left feet.

In any case, Nooners' latest effort , which is spectacularly [hic] disjointed (remember, SHE gets paid for this and I don't), expounds on why Republicans like Bush:

Republicans like him because he seems like a normal guy--business, family, sports, Top 40 on the iPod. Democrats hate him for this--how common, how plebian; he'd have more elevated tastes if he were a more elevated man.

It pains to me to admit it, but Nooners is half right. A number of Republicans, in my unscientific anecdoctal observation, DO think Dumbya is a normal guy. They actually don't realize that he was born into a wealthy, influential east coast family, that he's not from Texas, that his wealth, in part, derives from his former ball club's getting the city of Arlington to seize a shitload of land and turn it over to Dumbya and his pardners, that he's no more a cowboy than you or me. These are, in my unscientific observation, the same people who think Bush is "a real Christian" and Kerry isn't.

Staggering to the end of her latest column, much as I am staggering to the end of this blog post, Nooners gives props to Laura. Saintly Laura.

Well done. Well and amazingly done. Someone should do a monograph on what it is she did and how it is she did it. And it should of course be noted that she is another reason for her husband's popularity with his base, and outside of it, too.

Yeah [hic.]. Someone [hic] should do that shit [hic].


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