Monday, September 26, 2005

From the "that's mighty white of you" department

A Ms. M.C. writes a letter to The State newspaper, telling of her noble color-blind charitable efforts:

I am so tired of hearing the cry of “racism.” If you watch the news about
Hurricane Katrina, you will see that it is mostly white people lifting old black
people from their flooded homes, and white people are providing the meals,
medical care, etc. (I know that there are some blacks helping too, but it is
obvious that the majority are white.)

We have opened our homes and wallets to help these people. Much of the
money the government gives comes out of our pockets in the form of

There is grumbling among some of the people who are helping about how
little their efforts are appreciated. All they get in return is the label

I have already made one trip to the area and given out hundreds of dollars
worth of food, baby food, diapers and first-aid supplies, all to black people.
Race did not come to mind.

Of course it didn't! Gosh-darn, lady, that sure is white of you, helping all those black people without taking note of their race!


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