Sunday, September 04, 2005

The mighty Anntichrist

S. Coulter of Blondesense is collecting supplies to deliver to survivors in Louisiana (Annti lives there):

So, Jake & I (not Jake here, but "my" Jake, yes, THAT one) have been Super Shoppers Of The Damned. We hit Dollar Tree, Winn-Dixie, and Ace Hardware thus far, to gather toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, maxi-pads, first-aid supplies, bottled water, socks, slippers, baby bottles, etc., for all of the people who are stuck in shelters/campers/roadside shacks/etc. up here and into Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Thus far, we are splitting the proceeds between Baton Rouge (via the State Police) shelters and the shelters here and into Mississippi.

I didn't want to ask people for money for my half-assed, taking-a-wild-hair missions of mercy, but these people need help, and the Red Cross is not getting to all of these shelters to provide it. Nor the Salvation Army.

So my GMC pickup is going to have to pick up the slack.

If anybody else wants to chip in, I'll keep making supply runs as long as the money holds out and my boyfriend holds up. E-mail me at joannaagain@hotmail.com, and we'll get the info together.

THIS IS NOT A SCAM. I AM NOT A NIGERIAN OR MEXICAN WITH FORTY MILLION TO TRANSFER INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. I AM NOT KEEPING THE CHANGE, EITHER. And I WILL provide receipts for goods purchased and digital pictures of the loot to anyone who donates, as proof of our work.

But I am on a fixed income, and am doing everything that I can with what I & Jake have. If y'all can help, good on ya. If you'd rather give to organized efforts, good on y'all too. JUST PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

New Orleans will always be my home, no matter where I wind-up in this life. This shit is killing me. If I sit home, I'll probably have THE aneurism, or put my head in the electric oven. I gotta do SOMETHING. Because like Ray Nagin said, NOBODY ELSE IS GONNA DO IT FOR US.

I am collecting money from my friends and relatives to wire to Joanna in Louisiana. If you don't want to wire money, I have a pay pal account and I will wire any contributions to Joanna today, tomorrow and Monday. Send Joanna an email: joannaagain(at)hotmail.com for wiring instructions or me for more information about using Pay Pal. misslizzy(at)optonline.net
Joanna will get supplies to the displaced fast! Also Salvation Army is severely out of supplies. Help them too, if you wish.

If you can, help her out.

More about Annti's efforts here and here.


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