Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Operation Cut Taxes for Rich Corporations, Lower Wages for Poor Workers

So that's going to be Bush's response to the devastation wrought by Katrina (combined with the mind-boggling incompetence of Bush's own FEMA appointees). Sadly, gullible editorial page editors all over the country have been (once again) duped - Bush's crappy Jackson Square speech has them falling over themselves to praise his bold vision. Suckers. Once again Bush is pissing on their legs - hell, in their MOUTHS - and telling them it's raining. And they're buying it. Truly, words speak louder than actions for our media.

Few editorial page editors are easier to fool than the suckers at The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, who bought Bush's line of bullcrap:

These were heartening words, as was the president's recommendation of a
Republican-style proposal for confronting poverty: ensuring that returning black
residents own, not rent, their homes and ensuring that minority-owned businesses
come into existence. The president also made clear that black Gulf Coast residents should benefit from his broad economic proposals for reviving the region ravaged earlier this month by Hurricane Katrina - a tax-free opportunity zone, worker-recovery accounts of up to $5,000 for job training and education, and urban homesteading, under which residents get free land for construction of their own homes.

What we have here is a timely marriage of Bush's "ownership society" with hard-nosed, well-focused action for eradicating such remaining deep-seated elements of racial discrimination as discriminatory housing and rotten inner-city schooling. Indeed, the only thing wrong with Bush's vision is that it's limited, for now, to the Gulf Coast region.

Suckers. I for one would like to know how Bush plans to ensure that below-poverty-level N.O. residents are going to own, not rent, and how Bush intends to ensure that "minority-owned businesses come into existence" (especially since, in addition to signing an executive order suspending the requirement that federal contractors - such as Halliburton - pay the prevailing wage in the Gulf Coast, Bush has actually weakened protections for minority-owned businesses) But The Sun News editors can't be bothered with such pesky details.

The Sun News editors aren't totally clueless - right after their editorial swooning over Bush's bold vision, they put a smaller editorial, one that says, in essence, "Don't expect US to pay for any of this shit." No sir. The Sun News doesn't want any funds to be diverted from its pet Interstate project, one that will primarily benefit TSN's corporate land developer masters, from being built so that it funnel tens of thousands more yankees onto our already over-burdened roads so that they can frolic along our overbuilt coast.

Anyway. It is by now clear that the primary beneficiaries of Katrina and the federal funds being doled out will be the usual suspects: Bush and Cheney's cronies and big GOP donors. So while I sympathize with Barbara Bernier's sentiments expressed in this excellent column, all I can think is, Honey, that train's already left the station.

Yesterday I read somewhere (I think was on CNN's website, but I can't find the link now to save my damn life, despite my Googling) that a Florida development group is buying up land in New Orleans, with an eye towards building French Quarter style . . . high rises. It's enough to make you want to weep. Or puke.


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