Saturday, September 17, 2005

See what happens when he tries to dress himself

Pissed-off Patricia of Blondesense puts her finger on something that was bugging me about Bush's appearance Thursday night:

. . . all I could do was watch what appeared to be the president’s
head animated and photoshopped onto a blue shirted upper torso.

Yeah! There was definitely a weird look to him. I thought maybe it was because he seemed to keep his head retracted into his shoulders the whole time. Sometimes when he's speaking he'll thrust his head forward, putting me in mind of a snapping turtle. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice, as I was probably meant to, that his top button was unbuttoned. Unfortunately this only drew attention to his wrinkled-y neck, which so distracted me that I didn't even notice that his shirt was misbuttoned.

How'd that happen? Was it calculated? Or was it because they let Bush button his own shirt?

BUSH: I wanna wear the pilot costume! Kin I wear the pilot suit?

KAREN HUGHES: No, George. Tonight you're going to wear this nice blue shirt.

BUSH: Flight suit! Flight suit! Flight suit!

HUGHES: Not tonight, George. This is a working man costume. This shirt will show the American people that you're not afraid of hard work. You're a hard working man.

BUSH: Me work hard!

HUGHES: Yes you do. Now let's put on this shirt. See how nice and blue it is? I rolled up the sleeves for you . . . George, you've got the buttons wrong. Let me button it for you.


HUGHES: But George . . .

BUSH: NNNNOOOOOOOOO! ME button! [swats her hands away]

HUGHES: FINE. Button it yourself, Mr. Big Man.


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