Monday, October 17, 2005

News of the illustrious Rogue Planet blogroll

New to the blogroll: Samurai Sam, whose taste is impeccable!

Also kindly welcome A Lie a Day, blogging from my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina; Bad Tux the Snarky Penguin; and New Spew joins Acidman and Velociman and Satan in filling my right wing link quota.

Note: If you've linked to this blog and I haven't reciprocated, drop me an email and I'll take care of it.

Speaking of impeccable taste: Distance Blog and this blog get a nod in this article by a lovely and talented young lady from my alma mater.

Femmes fatales Anntichrist of Blondesense and Desi of Great Scat are guest-blogging at Jesus's General.

The anniversary of Satan's last blog post approaches. One year ago, Satan probably thought his work here on Earth was done - Bush had been re-installed as president, the United States was enmeshed in war in the Middle East, Republicans controlled the Congress - but now, everything's gone to Hell in a handbasket. No pun etc. Satans henchmen on Earth have either been indicted or face imminent indictment, Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet . . . Come back, Satan! Your party needs you.


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