Monday, October 03, 2005

What a load of CRAP

Someone named Michael O'Hare was disparaging Harriet Miers over at Mark Kleiman's blog. I was all into it until I read this:

Ms. Miers was the first woman to have various positions. This is to her credit, but among all the thousands of "first woman to do X", not in and of itself a very big selling point. It should probably be discounted by her total lack of direct experience of what being a woman professional is for those who have children or even spouses.

(emphasis supplied) What the HELL? Unless you've bred or married, your experience as the first woman to do anything should be "discounted?"

I'd be offended, but anything Mr. O'Hare says about professional women should be discounted by the fact that he has a dick, theoretically. And is one.


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