Monday, October 03, 2005

While I was out

Thomas Friedman revealed himself to be objectively pro-genocide.

John Assrocket, Esquire, called for a Congressional investigation of the press's Katrina reporting. Gee, I can't imagine any Constitutional impediments to such an inquiry.

President Bush sent his fanatically devoted aide and pathological liar, Karen Hughes, abroad to patronize foreign citizens. As opposed to patronizing American citizens at home, which used to be her job. Ms. Hughes brought shame upon herself, her administration, and her country by revealing her abject ignorance of the United States Constitution.

Oh, and DeLay got indicted, and re-indicted, and St. Judy suddenly got a waiver that was just riiiight and so agreed to testify. As you all probably know. Only a complete cynic would postulate that Miller's decision to testify had anything to do with, say, Fitzgerald's threatening to press criminal contempt charges against her.


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