Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good thing I'm stronger than Michael J. Totten

I was a meeting last night (yes, on FRIDAY night, damn it) and things quickly got very contentious. One man in the back of the room kept shouting (in a grating Yankee accent) unfounded accusations and insults at other people. When I spoke up in defense of someone he interrupted me, screaming, "YOU MUST BE RELATED TO GEORGE W. BUSH!" My jaw dropped. It was a bizarre thing to say - the meeting had nothing to do w/politics, and the discussion, or shoutfest as it were, was completely apolitical. Or should have been. What prompted the Bush reference? Was Mr. Asshole comparing to me George W. because I was inarticulate? I doubt it, because I had gotten only a few words out of my mouth before he interrupted me and I hadn't mispronunciated any of them.

Anyway, it was appalling to realize that I share any political sentiments with this hostile, rude, loudmouthed fool. If I weren't made of sterner stuff than Michael J. Totten, I'd have turned Republican on the spot.


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