Monday, November 14, 2005

He ain't no nice guy after all

Remember how Lindsey Graham spoke out against the United States engaging in torture? How he said, "When you are the good guys, you've got to act like the good guys?" And how you thought, even though he's an extreme right winger, maybe he has a shred of decency? Of integrity?

Well, you thought wrong.

My own opinion is that Graham has taken so much grief from the most vocal, rabid wingnuts in South Carolina for his participation in the "gang of 14" judicial nomination "compromise" - he was pilloried as a traitor to the cause by the semi-literate loons for weeks in the letters sections of South Carolina newspapers - that he now feels like he has to pander like crazy.

Sure, I could be wrong. But can you think of any other reason why he would support such un-American legislation?

And it ain't just us moonbats who think he's on the wrong side of this issue.

(See also Political Animal)

Update: The Editors show Senator Graham no mercy in a superlative post. That's why they're The Editors, and I'm not.


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