Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I misunderestimated Republicans, again

You know, when I wrote that last post about how Bush was claiming that "the Democrats thrust war upon us" I was kidding, sorta. But apparently that IS the actual latest talking point. The faxes and emails have gone out.

Witness this letter, which I did not make up, in today's The State (Columbia, South Carolina) newspaper:

Without a doubt, we would not be engaged in Iraq today without the groundwork laid by former President Clinton, Al Gore, Sens. John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, and the like.

Beginning in 1998 and continuing at least into 2002, these present and former leaders have spoken about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction and the need to remove him from power.

With such convincing groundwork having been laid, the current administration had little choice but to continue down the road on which President Clinton and others in his administration had set out.

My hope is that the former administration was not lying or misleading the American public just to move the country toward war.



(emphasis mine) Bejus. At this rate, next month Bush and Cheney will be marching on Capitol Hill, chanting "bring them home now!"


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