Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News of the illustrious Rogue Planet blogroll

Sure, Rogue Planet has launched many big time lefty bloggers. Duncan . . . Josh . . . Markos . . . they all got their start commenting or guest-blogging here at Rogue Planet, back when I started this whole "blogging" craze. Indeed, it has become routine for my proteges to become shining stars of the blogosphere. Still, I'm not jaded - I get a little thrill each time one of my blogrollees hits the big time. So of course I was tickled pink when the brainy and deserving Grace of Scriptoids got a link from The Editors, whom I revere. I was also tickled pink to be, like, DAYS ahead of The Editors, albeit without teh funny. Anyway: Congrats, Grace!

The lovely Desi has done R-U-N-O-F-T again. Dadgum-it, girl, you got to stop doing that!

Starting a few days ago, when one clicked on the link to Desi's former blog, Great Scat, a Blogger error message appeared. "Blog not found" or words to that effect. Then last night, the Great Scat URL yielded a weird new site . . . entitled . . . ahem . . . "Tampa Bukkake Links." Here's the link - if you DARE. The blogroll consists of links with names such as "Tampa Bukkake," "Glory Hole Girls," and "Ass Traffic." I clicked on the "Tampa Bukkake" link, thinking it was some kind of in-joke, no pun intended, and, well, the link takes you straight to a porn site. (Take my word for it, MD! Do NOT click on that site! Don't DO it, I tell you!). So I guess now I gotta scrub the hell out of my 'puter.

I don't know what's going on, but I hope Desi's OK. Drop someone a line, Des.

Anntichrist S. Coulter contributes to the New Orleans economy.

Finally, welcome Mia Culpa to the illustrious Rogue Planet blogroll!


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